A Health Care Solution for Caring Employers

Direct2MD is the missing piece in your efforts to recruit and retain good employees when you can’t provide health care coverage. Together we can give your employees access to high-quality, affordable care.

On-Demand Solution

Provide your valued employees with access to quality health care

Keep Costs Down

More affordable than today’s exorbitant health care plans

Healthier Employees

Decrease the number of missed days due to sick calls

Great benefit

Improve your recruitment and retention efforts

Show You Care

Create an overall positive work environment by offering access to care

Numerous plans

Customize one that fits your organization

Secure Client Portal

HIPAA-compliant EMRs and protocols to protect sensitive health information

Metrics & Reporting

The most robust on-demand reporting and metrics in the industry

Fast rollout

Designated management and marketing team will get you up and running within 24 hours.


Is Direct2MD less expensive than traditional health insurance?

Yes, it is. You pay a low monthly access fee, and your employees pay a copay when they use the service. No costly health plans and no pricey visits to the doctor’s office, urgent care or emergency room.

Can Direct2MD help me reduce absenteeism?

Yes. With access to telemedicine services, employees no longer have to call in sick and miss whole days of work to see a doctor. And by getting the health care they need earlier on when they are sick, they get better and return to work quicker.

How can Direct2MD help me recruit and retain qualified workers?

Now you can afford to provide your employees with immediate and convenient access to high-quality health care. It’s an important benefit in today’s job market, where employers are increasingly reporting difficulty finding and keeping good workers.

Is Direct2MD secure?

Very. We’re 100 percent HIPAA security-compliant.

I have some special considerations for my business and employees. What if your solution doesn’t make sense for me?

Tell us what your needs are, and then let us customize a solution that works for you.

Am I under contract?

We have an agreement offering details and benefits of our services. The agreement can be cancelled anytime with written notice.

Who will walk me through the process of signing up with Direct2MD?

We will! Just contact us, and we’ll help get you started.

Looking for a quality and affordable benefit for your employees?