No more waiting rooms!

Everybody gets sick every now and then. Direct2MD provides affordable online access to a quality health care provider without leaving your home or office. Want to learn more? Scroll down and get to know us!

Virtual Appointments

Online consultations and treatment means no crowded, germy doctors’ offices or urgent cares

Board-certified Physicians

Our network of qualified health care providers is on call 24/7

Fast Response Times

Average wait time for a Direct2MD provider is 6 minutes

Follow-Up Plan

We’ll send any prescriptions to a pharmacy of your choosing and provide you with post-care instructions

Easy, Efficient Care

Simply register/log in, fill out a simple questionnaire and provide payment information

Choose Your Plan

We have plans for individuals and employers — or customize a solution that works for you

Reduced Costs

Pay online, be seen online — all for significantly less than you would pay at a doctor’s office, urgent care or ER


” The search stops here.  I’ve always been happy with the care and treatment.  Attention to details, friendly service- and the ER Doc I saw was amazing! -what more can you possibly ask for… “
-William F.
“I cannot put into words how much Direct2MD means to me and my family.  If you haven’t tried the online doctor visit with them- you don’t know what your missing-  Amazing how easy it is!”
-Nancy R.
” I was literally sitting in the waiting room so frustrated and remembered Direct2MD- so I went on my phone and literally completed a doc visit while I was in the waiting room.  I went straight to the pharmacy on my way home.  I’ll never go anywhere else! “
-James W.
” My family and I were shocked by how easy it was- I can’t see myself wasting time in an ER or Urgent care again-   Quick, easy and top notch service.  I highly recommend Direct2MD to all my friends and family.”
-Marie A.
” Thank you Direct2MD! You saved my vacation- I had no idea where the nearest urgent care was and getting the medicine for my son was incredibly simple- Thanks! “
-Kathy M.
” All I needed was the right medicine before I got on my honeymoon cruise.  Direct2MD saved me a ton of time and money for a basic need- Thanks Doc! “
-Julie F.

Individual and Family Sign-Up

Jump into better health. Learn more about saving time and money on health care.

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